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Bounde By The Oathe


We'll never betraye our brothers
United we stande in this fighte
We swore allegiance together
This fire will never die
Bounde by the oathe, a faithe to defende
We're storming into victory
If it's not in your bloode your won't understande
Metal is the pride we feele

We're bounde by the oathe sworn in bloode
Faithe and pride

We will never surrender
No on can take our grounde
Thou art the chosen warrior
Thy Metalhearte shall pounde
The courage to battle, the power to win
The forces are standing to strike
The legions have assembled
Brothers are fightning at thy side

We're bounde by the oathe sworn in bloode
Faithe and pride, Metalheads unite
Bounde by the oathe sworn in bloode
Brave and stronge, Metalheads unite

[Solo: Lars/both/both]

Hail, Hail, Hail,...


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