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One Fine Day


57th & 9th

Optimists say
The future's just a place we've never been
Histories say
We're doomed to make the same mistakes again

Between the two I can't decide
Really I must choose a side
I guess I'll wake up smarter
One fine day

Apologists say
The weather's just a cycle we can't change
Scientists say
We've pushed those cycles way beyond

Dear leaders, please do something quick
Time is up, the planet's sick
But hey, we'll all be grateful
One fine day?

Today the north west passage just got found
Three penguins and a bear got drowned
The ice they lived on disappeared
Seems things are worse than some had feared

It's progress of a kind
Who knows what else we're going to find?
So do you trust your head or heart
When things all seem to fall apart?
I guess we'll wake up smarter
One fine day

Today it's raining dogs and cats
Rabbits jumping out of hats
And now what's got us all agog
Tomorrow it's a plague of frogs
We must do something quick or die
When snakes can talk and pigs will fly
And we'll all be so much wiser
One fine day

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