Love Thing

Quase Famosos - trilha sonora (Stillwater)

Father in heaven
To ease a fool's fool morning
And outside my window
And outside my pain
I see my little girl
My sweet little thing, yeah
My sweet little thing, yeah

Father, yeah
Like my daddy once told me
He said, son you gotta move fast
Yeah you gotta move on
Tonight's bell may ring
But it's not the real love thing, yeah
The real love thing yeah
Said sweet love sweet love
The real love thing, yeah

This time this time
Dancing just to stay
You'll get your romance
You'll never grace your dead
You'll never know
You'll never know me
You'll never know

But my sweet little thing, yeah
My sweet love thing yeah
Sweet love sweet love
Sweet love thing yeah

Your so sweet girl
Oh my love baby
Oh oh oh oooh

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