Steve Hackett


Steve Hackett

Just like his old father before him
Who served in the great war would sing
We're proud to serve Kaiser or King

They'll always find someone who's willing
To take Tigermoth chances alone
The boy who should never have flown

Was thrown a hundred yards
Blown into smithereens
A crowd drew near but failed to hear
Look I'm over here and still one of you wait...

The young man's despondence soon halted
When gently a voice that he knew
Took shape slowly out of the blue

Flight Captain James at your service
Last month I went down in the drink
You're not as alone as you think

Here's some of your chums from last Thursday
Shot down in their prime over Rome
The boys who can never go home

Were thrown a hundred yards
Blown into smithereens
Until we meet again my friends
No regrets and Lily Marlene sings again

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