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I've Learned To Love

Steve Carlson

Can you please listen to me
I’ve only got a few moments of time
before my ride takes me somewhere new
I just called to let you know that everything’s ok
I tried before a thousand times
but I could never say… hello

But it’s fall
and a new guy’s probably calling you each day
Might of lost all I had in you
but I know I found my way
I’ve Learned to Love

I wonder what you’re doing
I wonder if you’re far
and if you sometimes listen to my songs
and wonder where you are
and can you hear a voice beside you
at night inside your room
saying it’s ok dream away
I promise I’ll be coming home soon

So now it’s spring
and I am bringing all I got
might not be much
but one thing that I’ve learned a lot
I’ve Learned to Love

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