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If It Ain't Easy

Steve Carlson

Right back where we started out
start me up one time, two times, three
til it finally falls
so we can do it all now

Fight back, don't back down
it comes areound one time, two times, three
til it's finally gone
so we can get along now
and just take it easy

Cause if it ain't easy
it ain't worth takin'
if you got a good thang
it best be shakin'
if you got a play date
i'll make it worth breakin'
so we can go all night long

Maybe you should lay me down tonight
maybe do some wrong instead of right
or maybe we steal away the way young lovers do
maybe just me and you

To tell the truth I got a booth at a club
areound the corner called the Hotel Love
and you're on my list
so don't do me like this
cause you know and I know
that you wanna go
and the thought of making everything about us
is just something I'm lovin'
tell me you're comin'
cause nothin' but trouble is nothin' I miss
take it easy

Letra enviada por Patricia Matias

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