I don't know what, i don't know what is wrong, oh no,
is Karma gonna get me,
times i told i see, its not real,
wanna feel, wanna feel,
like i did before,

Mornings I can't breathe
Wind crashes over me, drowns me
minds running rings around me
it take me time to see, what is real,
wanna feel, wanna feel ,
like i did before, like i did before,

time, changes things,
like i never thought,
like i never saw,
time changes me,
like i never was,
oh no,

I'm thinking back to what i was,
I see my face wrapped on the floor,
And I love you being around, i say it again i'm not fucking around,
i seen it before, i'll see it again,
its knocking my door, and i never pretend,
i'm down on my knees and i don't know why,
to go to find my way back home,

I'm drowning x 4

Compositor: Kelly Jones

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