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Several hours that I’ve been awake no sleep
Lying naked in cold sweat
All watered ‘round my sheet
It’s been a dozen times
Nothing left to say
Unspoken words inside me
Have all become my prayer

Several years that I’ve been lost inside so dazed
Stumbling through the hallways
Of this unfamiliar place
Been too much engaged
With dreaming a better day
Safe from all things hurting
And whatever comes my way

Bet I know I ain’t the man I seem to be
I’ve always been keen on playing the fool you made of me
Yet I won’t give in even if God told me so
Cos what I really know is that we all have our ways to go

Several lives that I have wasted on the way
To overwhelming sorrow
That paralyze my brain
Eons passing by
Can’t seem to feel the weight
Lying awake in cold sweat
Now it’s all too late

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