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Eyes Burnt Out


Ah the pain – it’s hard to tell
To make you feel what you’ve never felt
You’re numb between the walls of your wisdom
Your crippled wings – You’re preaching freedom but you’ve never flought before

You’ve never seen the sun behind your walls

My hands are the hands of my Gods
Clamping down to absolve you all sinner ones
You’ve never fought never known how much life hurts
Now your death is your rebirth
See your fetters falling down
See the new shine making you blind
Now that’s real life!

- Now that’s real life
Your breath is counted
Paralyzed by the thought
Of unprotectedness

So what now?! – disappointment on your face
So what now?!!! – shaken in your faith
Got blind by the shining truth
Blistered skin makes it hard to move

So you can see the sun – eyes are burnt out!
Your walls are torn down!

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