Jump up jump up to get beat down
Jump up jump up to get beat down
No sleep don't even blink your eyes
Gonna make you realize
How quick this clock is tickin its sicknin
Don't even try and run
I gotcha under the gun
And this time I ain't fakin
So whatcha gonna do when I drop this hamma
Scatta splatta yeah what's the matta
Bruised and battered torn and tattered
This shits for real and its mine for the takin
I'm still on my feet and you can't defeat me
Breakin all the rules schoolin all the fools
Calm like a bomb blaow
You know I just hit the room
Jump up jump up to get beat down
Jump up jump up to get beat down
You'll never see me those looks run right through me
Please lord please watch over me
I will never be a part of thee
How come you will never see
What it means
It's apart of me (Chorus)
Back to the story above of no love
I'm callin all of you out
Gonna show you what its all about
You look at me like I'm some kinda demon seed
But you're comin back for more just to see me
So what you gonna do what you gonna say
When I'm comin down on you
Like a thousand pounds of hate
Its not where you‘re from it's where you're at
Cuz where I'm from I neva ran with a gat
This is to all of those who turned
There back on me for who I am
I hate the things you say
That makes me feel this way
And now it's time to pay
For the shit you say
Break it down, down
Break it down, down
Let a man be a man who he wants to be
From Manson to Willie D. it's no mystery
That's the way it's gotta be
Take a look at me
What you see is what you get
So now don't forget
I told you once before
I'll throw you to the floor
Stick it in your back door
Down to the core
You'll be screamin more
I'll kick you out the door
Don't come around here
Not any more
You'll neva see me
Those looks run right through me
You'll neva feel me
What it means it's apart of me
(2nd verse)

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