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Fire In The Booth

Stefflon Don

You know what time it is when you hear this right?
You know what time it is Charlie, mm
Don, yeah, mm, yeah, mm, yo
Let's get 'em Steff

I got a temper on me so he buy me Vvs' just to chill
Niggas said they love me but I know that shit ain't real
Niggas out here lying, I already know the deal
I'm just hoping he can give me something I can really feel
Pain made me realise I'm searching for something real
Pain in my eyes, a lot of shit I can't reveal
But I will never fold, never sniff or take pills
I keep it G 'til I become a maggot meal
Promised mummy I'ma do her proud way before I got the deal
She kept rushing me to sign cah we running out of meals
Rushing me to sign, I kept telling her to chill
I knew with patience we would get a bigger deal
Bigger deal and I was right doe, cah we got more than a mil'
It wasn't 'bout the money, it was more about the thrill
The thrill of me saying I made these man give me a mil'
Then on top I went and got a label deal
Now name any chick in the game I can't kill
Touching bodies like a catholic, pass the baby, I'm ill
Please don't compare me to bitches who [?]
My dons eating, I can almost guarantee you know the deal
Hair long to my back, don't worry 'bout if it's real or fake
Worry 'bout if you've got some gwolla in your safe
While I'm moving stake to stake, keep on chatting me
Acting like they came up with some new shit, they just catting me
Jealousy, that be what be draining all their energy
Negativity but in my face they befriending me
Remember me, I was the one who helped you instantly
Had you in my yard, eating food but then you [?] me
Dickhead ting, I can't comprehend what I did to them
All I did was help but then they hating me for helping them
Mad ting, world upside down on some sad ting
Who can you trust when they addicted to acting?
Fam ting, I can't trust these bitches too
My brother told me he would shot my story for money too
My sister hating on me, to be honest that's nothing new
My cousin said my name on socials, just to gather views
What have I done? Yo it's killing them
I displayed skills and they got mad real
They all feel entitled to something, they must be on pills
Gave them few bills and paid bills but they won't chill
I would give them money to invest but they ain't got no sense, it's that real
I would give them money to invest but they ain't got no sense, and it's sad still
Real shit, only real people gon' feel this
More money, more pagans, yeah that's that realness
They're liabilities and got their eye on me
Watch it mum, I'm tryna stack assets and get bigger than the Kardashians

Yeah, Stefflon Don, E5 from the Clapton
Free Dutchie, Free Ay
Come on! Jeez!
Yo, release all the mandem off the landing, ay
Stefflon Don!
Jeez! I see you girl!
Real shit, real shit Charlie
Mad ting, mad ting, not messing about out here
Now that's some real spit still
You're a savage with it, I think it's been worth the wait
Has it been worth the wait Charlie?
Three and a half years, yeah been worth the wait
Don't say it like that Charlie because you know
Na I'm just keeping it real you know what I mean
I was busy man, I was out here tryna get that gwolla you know
And now you've got it
You ain't pay me, you wasn't paying me Charlie, I was asking you for money
You're getting paid for the streams, every time someone listens you're getting paid
Okay, now, now but three and a half year ago
Yeah it weren't the same, that's what I'm saying, it's different now
It was mad, you get me, I'm ready now Charlie
Ayo Steff, I'm gonna fire another beat on
Let's go Charlie
Ay, uh
Come on Steff, shining out here man
Am I shining?
You're shining girl
Mad ting, can you see?
Oi I can see it from here
They're having seizures
They're dancing
You know I ain't a robber but I have to tell them this, if I was

Get the keys, open the safe
Look down, don't look in my face
Get the money and put it in place
I need it all, do whatever it takes
Don't fuck around and call the Jakes
'Cause you might end up in the lake
Please don't tempt me today
The devil a kid and he wanna play
I'll have your family looking for you
Heart sworn but you made me do it, bitch
I'm at full extendo mode
Heart's warm but the weather cold
If you don't know me, better get to know me
From the E5, ain't no [?]
Like a beehive, I be buzzing homie
'Cause your eyes wide, yeah they all up on me
Cah you think I'm pretty and I rap good
From the city but I'm damn hood
Used to shot to nitties just to get the Lizzie
Now I get the Lizzie in my bank book
In the kitchen whipping, yes I can cook
Jet Li with the angles
I'm a wretch so I need more gigs to make mo' stacks for my bangles

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