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Global Groove


Bright Green Field

There's tight lycra round my hips
And a sweat band that fits round my head

We're still dance, dance, dancing today
To the global groove

Well, the Tv guide gets fatter as the days pass by
And those taxis do a dance as I watch from the sky
Global groove, global groove
Global groove, global groove

We're still tap, tap, tapping away
To the global groove

Watch your favourite war on Tv, just before you go to sleep
And then your favourite sitcom, watch the tears roll down your cheek
Global groove, global groove
I'm so sick and tired of dancing, I'm so sick and tired of dancing
I'm so sick and tired of dancing, are you sick and tired of dancing?
Still tap, tap tapping
Dance, dance, dancing

Uh, I remember when I was really small
And the news said that- (laughing)
in the city
When planes went overhead
And how many passengers you could fit on a plane
Imagine each person, and where they're going
That would make me feel better
You know, these people were going on holiday
And watching the
Just, seeing people, uh, die
And it's
Being lied to, and being exposed to that much realism

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