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Deep Down Happy

Oh, you've been waiting for a while
Down there by the Aldershot Municipal Gardens
Do you think, sometimes on weekends
When it gets light you could swim there?
Well, maybe if the water was clear
I've been taking some time to myself
I've been thinking a lot
But mainly outside of the box
I really hope that my business speak works
And I get a job cause I really need one

Yeah I've been waiting in the docks, for a while
Down there in Aldershot, Camberley, or Staines
I think, I've been packing lunches deep in boxes
I want to be a lawyer
Or someone who hunts foxes

And I think, maybe in a while I could become a doctor
The ambulances don't run anymore but it's ok
You can get an Uber there for four pounds fifty-five
And if you can't afford that
Well it only really hurts when it rains

So, Arthritis probably doesn't matter a lot
I've been thinking a little bit about that sort of thing
And if you could hopefully agree
I could begin the track by the sound of three

So, oh, you've been hoping a lot
And working on your poses
And living on a yacht in your dreams
And they're in Camberley, or Aldershot or Staines
And there it hunches underneath any miserable bridges

And on the weekends, it goes out for a bit
To the Slug and Lettuce, or Wetherspoons if that's shit
There's no club in this town anymore
But if you want to do drugs you could always go to London

Oh, tend to your flowers for a while
Everything's growing so nicely, July's coming along
I hope that when the winter's finally here you can sit in your front room and laugh at your neighbours

Oh, you're a tiny bit old for this
Don't you think it's gonna get better
Before too long or if it doesn't I guess you'll be six feet under
Wearing your nicest clothes

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