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This Is The Place To Be

Spoonie Gee

(It's showtime!)

Once they announce my name and I get out on stage
I'm just like an animal let out of his cage
I can't control myself, I start dancin and rhymin
People on the streets start droppin a dime and
Tellin everybody: "Hey, Spoonie Gee's housin
He got the people in the place jumpin and bouncin"
Up and down, hey, they just don't understand it
How do I get results, my brother I just demand it
It starts with a pen and a paper, then to a studio
With the engineer that says 'go', now you know
This is the place to be

This is the place to be

Now in this game you gotta be a perfect rapper
Be sharp, clean, dressed up, for me I just be dapper
Do what I have to, I make money, but no trouble
But if your head is swollen, I bust your bubble
Cause in this game, with fake MC's it's been polluted
The reason that I'm in it, cause in me it has been rooted
Before I was born Almighty God had a plan
He said, "You're gonna be a rapper, my man"
So - this is the place to be

This is the place to be

I finished my mission, I'm in a higher position
So when it comes to my records, choose to dance or just listen
You'll be excited, could never be bored
I'm givin you a piece of my talent you can't afford
It, so as the clock ticks and the time goes on
I thank God every minute for the day I was born
He gave me a talent, and above all the chance
To rap on the mic, to show you my dance
He wakes me up, then lays me down to sleep
So that I can write a record that can rock to the beat
You're feelin low and need somewhere to go?
You come check me out at the show, you know?
This is the place to be

This is the place to be

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