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Did You Come To Party

Spoonie Gee


(Did you come to party?)
(Did you come to party-party?)
(Did you come to party?)
(Did you) [x2]

Well, the time is now, and the place is here
You're not ready till you're sweaty down to your underwear
Not sayin it as a joke, just a bit of advice
Cause when I rap you're bout to be, because I'm just that nice
So dig this, when I'm rappin people start clappin
Get on the dancefloor, and things just start happen
I don't know what it is, but I was tryin to guess
Did you come to party or to start some mess?
Now to me, dancin is a hell of a task
Now I've got a question, do you mind if I ask?

(Did you come to party?) [x3]

Now it makes no difference if the people start jumpin
On solid ground, cause the music is pumpin
So if you dare, please, be ready to rock
Yes, the music is on just like popcorn
So don't hold back, because the party is packed
And this beat is dope, now did you get that, Jack?
So get with it, don't quit it, you hear my rhyme, forget it
You're tryina be me, Spoonie Gee, just forget it
Cause I'm the only one that can do it this way
When you see me at a party you will always say
"Yeah, that's Spoonie Gee", and your girls say, "Not hardly"
So what's your name, baby, did you come here to party?

(Did you come to party?)
(Did you come to party-party?) [x3]
(Did you come)

Let's break it down

Here we go now, dance, you're gonna sweat
But be prepared, because we're nowhere finished yet
I'm rockin, and I'm rollin
The mic is in my hand, and I'm the one that's controllin
Are you done? You better quit
And let me rap a little bit
Cause this is a new hit that I'm makin
And other records I'm breakin

(Did you come to party?)
(Did you come to party-party) [x3]

Now the beat is swingin, I'm rappin, not singin
People on the outside just hangin
Around, for what? To hear the Spoonie Gee sound
To move, to have fun, to get on down
Cause I'm serious, I don't have no time for playin
So listen to my music, as well as what I'm sayin
The music is a part, and the words are too
Together they make you do what you came to
You wanna finger-pop? Well, go head, I won't stop you
Put some music in rap, and then rock you
Cause that's what y'all came here for
But if you didn't, there's the door

(Did you come to party?)
(Did you come to party-party?) [x7]

This beat is dope [x3]

Best believe it

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