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    Ahhh... (Mel B & Emma) relax your mind.
    The spicy girls are here on the planet earth.
    Are you too spicy?

    (whistling) Aye-yoo!
    This song is full of valid information. Information
    (ring) never wee with your knickers on.
    Hold, hold (ring) a minute, that's my phone! (ring)
    Hello, um, about... I can't believe my... aaahhh
    It's um, it's a mad woman. Get lost!
    Melanie's always on the phone.
    I'm not always on the phone! I used to be always on
    the phone
    but now I'm not cause I've got ear rot.
    And she's always late.
    No I'm not, it's my driver, he drives slow. I like
    this bit.
    (whistling) I've never been any good at whistling.
    You can hum then, not whistle.
    Uh, hum? eh ha
    (humming) (Emma & Victoria)

    Where's Geri and Mel at this point?
    I think they're asleep.
    I thought it was a bit quiet.
    No, Geri's writin' a poem under a tree somewhere.

    No she's hugging that tree. Hug that tree, Geri!
    You'd never guess what, you'd never believe this.
    Alright listen to this.
    Oh... what is it, Geri?
    Oooh... what is it? Listen, listen listen. What is it?
    What is it?
    Friendship often survives the relationship from which
    it was neglected.
    Ignoring your conscience allows you to justify
    Don't you agree?
    Geri, is you readin' that out of a book?
    Yeah. Ha ha

    (humming) (Emma & Victoria)
    (ba, ba, bam) (Geri & Mel C)
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la AHHHH!!!!!
    That's what you got to do when you get really
    stressed, you just
    go AHHHH!!!!!
    (clapping) (laughing)
    I should be over there eatin' my sweets, I think.
    You're so cute. Ginger! You're just so cute.
    Alright Ginge, how's your... beep!
    No, it's Ginger like Ginger Rogers. It's not like
    Well, there's nothing wrong with being ginger.
    There is nothing wrong. I'm out of a bottle anyway.
    ha ha ha (Mel C and Geri)

    (humming) Baby, Posh and Ginger and we've got Scary
    and Sporty! Yeah!
    (humming) (Emma & Victoria)
    Mixed together in a cooking pot, you have the Spice
    Girls! (Mel B & Geri)
    (humming) (Emma, Victoria & Mel B)
    Ba, ba, blah
    (humming) (Emma & Victoria)
    I want that Indian bit to come again. Where is it?
    Ahh... we are the chosen ones...
    (humming) (Emma & Victoria)
    it didn't last very long, did it?
    (ba, ba, bam) (Geri & Mel C)
    (scatting) Lift your knee up, tap it to the left.
    Gonna lift
    your knee up, tap it to the left.
    That could be a new dance.
    (humming) (Emma & Victoria)
    (ba, ba, bam) (Geri & Mel C)
    Ha, ha. We don't wanna get in trouble now do we? No...
    I don't
    know what you mean by that, though. I... you know...
    we're not trying to be offensive...
    (ba, ba, bam) (Geri & Mel C)
    (humming) (Emma & Victoria)
    Exactly, exactly.
    I quite like that.
    Yeah, I do too

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