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The Great Dominium

Spell Forest

Open the gate because the majestic throne is rising
Black wings are spread and risen from an abyss of shadows
Flying with a dream of a thousand youth waiting for the great hour
The hour of Master Satan!!! When the darknes is absolute
And only the full moon shine upon us
Beneath the kingdom of the great forest
In a shelter of mist of a mystical power!!!
The Conqueror of the night in my pumping veins
I feel your pure essence
The great dominium Hail Satan!!!
Lord of the kingdom of Night
Lord of the Hellish Damnation
Hunter of Black Desires Bless with fire my black soul
Where beyond the black candles it burns
The Great Dominium
The Great Dominium
The domain of a black legion of demons
Opening their wings upon the kingdom of the old serpent

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