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Ritual On The Mountain's Forest

Spell Forest

The great day is achieved
the forces of evil conspires at my favor
full moon is an advice to the dark dreamers
the night is coming
and my hateful horde walks through the forest
of thorns and dead trees, until reach the altar
it's close enough supreme evil
I hear the whispers of your diabolical servants
we're dressed in beautiful black capes
The bonfire is lighted, illuminating our faces
as the blood stained black candles
it's ritual beginning

Ritual on the mountain's forest
the crown of the choose is affeared
under Astaroth's seal
baptized with sepent's blood
reciting enchantments that offends and excommunicate christ
I despise mankind and its pathetic god
Enjoy a profane orgy, full of insane laughs
and feeling proud of our great ideal

Compositor: Lord Mephyr

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