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The Horror


(Royston Langdon)

*The Horror, originally a b-side on "The Craft" Soundtrack, was re-recorded especially for "The Hogyssey" because the band felt it matched the album's emotional theme.*

Head on a plaque, its an immediate problem
So you turn and face yourself for the very first time
Well happiness comes in the form of happiness feels me over
Stupid Cupid, you fucked it this time

So you consult the TV for breakfast and coffee
But your TV's not hungry, but that's OK
And now we're not insane, we're just pretending, at least I think we are
But who really cares that much any way

You got nothing to do
You got nothing to smoke
No fast drugs to make your asshole choke
Nothing like heroin, I am replaced
Well I wonder, wonder, where's my wedding bells


Tonight I know the Horror of you
Tonight I know the Horror of you
Tonight I know the Horror of you
Like nobody else
Tonight I know the Horror of you

Got caught in the act at the very wrong time
Found it like striking a match on the gasoline fire
Watch the slug that slides along the edge of a razor blade; It's about the pain
I talk so much shit, I need wings to survive

You got too much to do,
You got too much to smoke,
You feel a little silly but you try to cope
Your brain's on the floor, oh no what a chore
You need another reason and you want some more


The Horror of you, you
The Horror
Tonight I know the Horror of you

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