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(Royston Langdon)

*While traveling in New Zealand one summer, Roy was caught in an earthquake and wrote a song about it. This song is one out of several that Roy wrote during his trip. The last two lines are a joke between the band members and stand for an English delicacy.*

It's funny how we think that things are one way
But they will always be that way somehow
Back when I was a boy I knew that someday
I'll learn my lesson and we'll have learned it now


Whoa people are crazy
And I know why
Keeping it on if we'll only try
Don't wait for heaven's sake
For the Earthquake

It's funny how we leave the blues behind you
You can take them with you when you go
Laughing like a child without a reason
And I shout for the greatest show on Earth

(Chorus) x 3

The Earthquake, quake, quake

Beans on toast!
Beans on toast!

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