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Cruel To Be Kind


Well I done my time in the jail of your mind
and I dug all I could toward the good of your kind
but they say it's better to be twisted black and blue
chopped down like an old wooden tree and planted new
than it is to spend a life time in the jail of your mind
But you don't have to be cruel to be kind
and you don't have to be a fool to be blind
and you don't have to be a down and out
to be down sometimes
Her dreams were full of dreams like leaves in the wind
that were scattered to the edges of the world and back again
Oh there's more to me than you can see from here my friends
here there are no why's so why do you pretend
I hear my critic laugh and he's my only friend
And now that I'm free from the jail of your mind
and I feel rather tied like a crying child
I wanted to be better than the rest
new kind of man, lot more than blood and flesh
but now I'm left on my own in the jail of my mind

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