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A Real Waste of Food


(Royston Langdon)

*Here, Royston takes some swipes at Antony, and we are given a Roy's-eye-view of the two brother's sibling rivalry.*

As he turns the page of a shining new card entitled, "To: the pissing of a stranger"
Fakes a last look down with a saccharine frown at the cold crass colors of the papers
And with a staggering tone, he exclaims, "It's not easy being me, taking all the blame."
Well try and avoid the cracks next time, sonny, and you'll maybe do us all a favor


This is all a trick 'til the summer time's over
This is all a trick ' 'til the tides rise high
It's our only chance for the rest of forever
He's a real waste of food and he's looking at you

So he looks down into his own little thousand holes and knows that he's flirting with disaster
But he can't stop his mind from attracting the flies but this train won't travel any faster
And with a garrulous croak, he maintains, "It's just the way I am, hovered in the flames."
Well try to avoid being burned next time, sunshine and you'll maybe do us all a favor


Looking at you, a real waste of food (x 3)
Looking at you, looking at you

(Chorus) x 2

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