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Uptown Girls


I've been round and round the world
Lookin' for a taste
Checkin' every kind of life
In every kind of space

From Paris cross to Dusseldorf
New York to Hollywood
Like a cop undercover
I came to discover
What makes a boy feel good

Uptown girls
Uptown girls

Uptown girls
Uptown girls

Now I've never been one to fantasize
Although I like to dream
And sometimes there's no compromize
For all that falls between

So lookin' real good on a real good day
I took a stroll uptown
To get a close look
At what had me hooked
And guess what I had found


Long legs
Big lips
Uptown girls
Uptown girls

Big eyes
Lots of style
Makes my heart beat faster
Than a machine gun blastin'
Look at all them girls

Compositor: Jan Leyers En Joey Balin

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