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Under Fire


I wonder why
We abide all the slick colours whizzing by
Never try
To escape from the crap or avert your eye

Lot’s of pretty girls lot’s of pretty boys
Playin’ with their hi-tech toys
Talk to each other in an eerie voice
Make an awful lot of noise

You’re under fire baby
Anywhere you go you got to know
You’re under fire baby
Don’t pretend it isn’t so

Tell me why
we put up with the junk they get us to buy
Never try
To escape from the trash or avert your eye

Lookin’ at the man standin’ by the door
Askin’ what he’s comin’ for
Says you could be sittin’ on a sunny shore
If only you would trust me more

You’re under fire baby
Anywhere you go...

Under fire
Under fire

Compositor: Jan Leyers En Paul Michiels

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