lt's reaching the time when the coffee gets cold And all of our fabulous stories are told

None of my words have been catching the wind But I know I could reach you lf wishes had wings
l've got no more use for this old bag of tricks l'm just waiting to take in the truth from your lips

And l'm searching the shadows for something to say What would you do if I asked you to

stay Would you stay

So I reach out and pour you the last drop of wine lf I could I would pour you a piece of my mind

And I look to the moonlight to show me the way Will it teIl me your secrets will it teIl you to.

stay Will it teIl you to stay Stay

I hang my hopes on every single breath I feel you take Is it gonna be another night I lie awake wishing you'd

Stay, stay, stay

Compositor: Jan Leyers, Dorsky En New

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