Soulja Boy

The DeAndre Way

(Chorus) x 2

Banana kush ,purple drink ,extended clips,what you think ,
Man I pay cash ,digital down ,i do this shit,i do it big,
Banana kush,purple drink,extended clip,what you think
I pay cash,digital down,i did that shit,i do it big,

It's what I do, its how i live ,
Fifty thousand a day, god damn i did it big ,
Bro i do this shit, picking yellow stones,
Vanilla on the cone,the king on the throne,
Brush inside your home like my real home alone,

Then tell them leave me alone for i live too full of fun,
Purple drink for real,fresh for the deal,
Five on for real,am getting how i live,
Am telling you this shit,am spitting you this shit,
Am reminiscing back then when i didn't have shit,

Now did they hit the block, a hundred cake for real,
Five on my plate bitch tell me how you feel,
This is how i live,i've been have rex,
I've been have cash,fifty thousand g's in my back pack ,
Damn am the shit,damn you a bitch,
Damn we so hot,as i reminiscing like my sniff am thinking

(chorus) x 2

Question of the day,why do niggas hatin me
Because i pulled up in mercedes that was a.M.G,
All black twenty two,tainted like a tall cat,
Get your ass smashed quick,with that fucken ball back,

Ran around town was the word in my neighbourhood,
Grapes in the air so we really don't care,
Ain't no hollin woop,like my name real laflare,
Stay we hear money here, and am on snatchin no hair

It's cash everywhere,in the starch in the chair,
I got cash in this dash in this past in the air,
As i pass of the curt's, smoking herb bitch you heard,
Whats the word in my crew,you get flipped like a bird,

And am dooze off the roof seduce twenty off my cake,
Man damn am the shit,man pass me the case,
Yeah,young dre,man call me a boss,
Cortez in this bitch, S.O.D break them off



Compositor: Soulja Boy/sodmg

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