Rubber Bands

Soulja Boy


Rubber bands(x3)
Look at these rubbber bands
Bouncing left to right up and down
Call my boi right now let em kno wats goin downn
Look at these rubber bands(x4)
Bouncing left to right up n down
Call my boi right now
Let em kno wats goin down
Look at these rubber bands(x3)

Primeiro Verso

Pull up, dance tryna snatch that rubber
Stacks falling off my back pack
While i holla wats up soulja
Dolla poppin, bet i throw it showing up
The middle finger showing
Up the index ring
Yeah i know my index thing
Its yellow diamonds yellow rings
Its soulja boy tell em man
Throw my chain in the rings
Shouts out to the mona lisa
Hanging on my wall with my grill,
Right next to the rubber bands dawg
For real


Segundo Verso

Hands down i got swag for the year
Rubber bands on my neck my ice on my dere
Make my grill disaper
Wen i smile in the sun
Wen u c the money game man
Girl u better run
Cuz we snatching chicks
And taking chicks
Aint no nedd to holla pardner
Just pass me the rubber bands
And the rest will fall in shawty
Holla if u hear me homey
Scream if u c me shawty
Be ready to scream
Cuz u up out to c me shawty


Terceiro Verso

Walk inside the mall girls screaming
Cuz im fresher dan a doll
New york different seasons
Boy i gotta ball
I gotta have it all
If i cant have a this then
I dont want it at all
This is how we boss
This is how we ball
Pop tags n we do it boy
Checking them haters off
N do it do it do it boy
Soulja tell em yeah
Tell em im the man
U cant get into my mansion
Unless u want some of this man

Chorus (2x)

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