Look @ Me

Soulja Boy

Unsigned and Still Major

Look at me, now look at me
Crank dat soulja boy

Y u trippin 4 im on da dance flo
I got a brand new dance for my fans folk
U already kno, wut da buisness be
Front right left snap and dey diggin me
Now u kno its on
When dey play dis song
Dey start to dance even when dey hear da ring tone
Now u can look at me
Daz a b.e.t
I gottem jumpin in da club when dey hear da beat...

Now look at him, now look at me
He doin my dance all wrong, un huh he cant get like me
Im clean in dis thang soulja boy yeah im super fresh
It's d.h.b stupid read da name across my patnaz chest
Dey hatin so hard and they do wanna stop it
But dey can't do it so all dey do is copy
My name on my shades so its fame on my frames
Im bout to rock so hard dat my neck be in pain

Im bout to do dis dance, all on da flo
And ima crank dis dance to my big toe swole
First im jig slo, den im lean fast
Den ima crank dat shootout and let my hands blast
Den ima switch it up and crank da roosevelt
And pool palace to da flo like nobody else
And now dey askin me how u dat dance
I show em one time urrbody doin my dance

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