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Do The Right Thing

Soulja Boy

Unsigned and Still Major

Ya'll switch it up
Ya'll switch it up
I got em ya'll switch it up
I got a nine cove tightly
So u betta do da right thing
Dey ain't like spitely
So u so u betta do da right thing
Dey ain't like spitely

Yeah I switched it up I got a nine cove tightly
Arab got my back so you suckas come and try me
I got the choppa loaded
Yung pimp got the nine cocked
Ain't neva been no sucka
So don't play me like no lollipop
2 long deck
30/30 we got?
When u see me
U betta be duckin
I'm makin yo face beat up my hand
Fuck that shit we kickin in the door
Spot my people I'm a make ya die slow
Hes da one beefin I ain't wanted no mo
Fuck with me he gon get his ass smoked
Artillery bussin my niggas digress
My uzi is loaded grenade in da scrodum?
My niggas is knowin
And I got yo car
Sendin u out like a letter to stall
My pistol ain't whippin yo body is flippin?
Ya'll niggas start dippin
Ya'll scary as fuck
Whip him on your I'm havin u dead?


It's pimp up in dis bitch
Yeah u already no
That I'm beatin niggas ass
And the I'm snatchin up they ho
Got the squad right behind
Police will never find me
That's why I got the choppa
At yo face I call it blindin
Shawty if u try me
I gaurentee to bust yo ass
Bullets bout the size of boulders
Bout to rush and crush yo ass
Bitch it ain't no hesitation
Aimin at you one location
Contemplatin if I'm gonna
Make u live in several peices
I got a glock in my left
A tech in my right
Got a trunk full of choppas
Do u still wanna fight
Got my partner soulja boy
And my nigga arab
And of course u konw I'm pimpin
One up and get slapped biiitch


Real off in this thing
Smackin lanes
Pushin pussy niggas
Wanna play dem games
Throw dem thangs
We got many killas
K's, choppas which one r u gonna choose
In the street I click em bang
And I think u gonna fuckin lose
Jumpin bumpin ready stumpin
And we finna bring da heat
Talkin shit while we endover
Queit in the fuckin streets
Nigga I no dat u blamin everybody
No u to so fuck that shit you talkin
Keep on talkin keep on walkin
? fool
We got hands on deck
Did u hear that shit the first time
One hit a quitter
Knock u out and nigga we ain't lyin
Fuckin around with us
Gon put you to sleep just like matress
So nigga shut yo mouth
Or you'll end up into a casket


by Romero ** Heloô tii Adoruu**

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