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Everything Ends


I realized when this chaos started that I was no longer dead.
I woke up as I was living in a dream I thought was life.
I tried to follow my dream like it always was ment to be.
But I always failed as today everything ends.
This was when I knew I had to end this pain.
The independence of death.

Oh I'm free, I can fly, I need noone to run my life.
I can see my own way and there will always be an end.
I can see you far away disappearing from my sight
and my empty body feels so light.
I take my life and leave everyone I know, forever and ever.
There is time to take farewell.
I need peace within my soul so let me pass and leave me alone.

This day everything ends.

Lets begin with a carv in stone of you and I and we are home.
Finally, at last, we will meet our maker in the blackened sky
and as you know, everything ends.

In the morning rise, one last tear i might drop.
In the morning rise, one last tear ..

Laying in my coffin, resting here in peace.
All those people here are watching. Now as i am.

No need to say goodbye, I wont be there to listen.
No need to pray, this is not an option.
Gather around me, open your eyes, my removal has begun.
No need to say goodbye, my removal has begun.

This day everything ends.

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