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Wrong Places

Sorry Figure

Nothing that goes with (the) time makes me feel fuzzy,
Now you see me crying.
Taking my life into pieces
to try (and) to discover what's coming.
Why everybody wants to be on top
and show care for the one's on the bottom.
You got your house full of controls,
everything that you need to have your fault!!
I remember the time that flying wasn't so impossible,
nowadays being tight on the floor makes me safe,
my toughts searching for answers on wrong places
Thinking about time, reasons and your guilt never in what we lose by now.
I can try to be what i wanted searching for the lonely feeling and forever feel strong.
I could be with you and be happy all the time.
Now you see me crying
Midnight is just the start.
Fool and funny for not fear what i never want to come.
Turning back into children.
These are all the news.
My news to whom can i tell?
However here you see the facts,
these are all the news, to whom can i tell?
I hear the sunsets call.
My heart and my mind is the only things i can control.
It is my joke and nobody can take it away!!!


Compositor: Marcus,ringo E Carlos

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