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Time Waster

Sorry Figure

All th things have gone, when your life becomes undone
And i feel th story's true , but it never gets to you
Things begin to change, it's turning out so strange
And i hold my feelings still hoping that you never will
I can't get out of here
Just because my feeling seem so weak
And I feel i have no self esteem
There is no time to waste your life
I don't want to die alone, i have this feeling in my bones
And it always will be mine
Things become so cold, it has all turned out so bold
Near the craters on the moon, maybe here i can find you
Words begin to say, please why don't you change your way
And forget about the past you know that it wont last
I can't ignore the rest
Coz every single night, i'm waiting for delight
When i feel my reasons fade away
There is no reasons to pretend that i have a different feeling
Maybe i just wanna let it go, the only thing i ever show
And now i'll start to make a difference
What should i do?

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