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Other Morning

Sorry Figure

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The other morning in slow movements
I could feel so much wasted aggressivity
in reasoning to meet gentleness
The day i dreamed that my friend lost his sense
And i didn't accept to be under arrest and
Then i went to pollute myself to feel healthy
Maybe waiting for the plane that i never took
It's seems that everything i say to you sounds ugly
And my memories are more than they should be
In the corridor and stares of whom
I would most want to have seen
I meet myself with a torn nose, without accepting
And weakening myself to find a better position to sleep
Don't worry too much what i say would not
hurt your little friends or would it?
But in my head i'm already know and
I stay waiting for you to ignore the factors
That in my direct way remind you
And to stop denying that i exist
And i'm here hiding myself because i feel

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