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One More In Land Of All

Sorry Figure

Look at me and tell me in what do you believe?
Don't you see they just want to control your mind
And all the things they make you swallow are just to
catch you
They don't care about what you think or what you do
They just want to know how much you can pay
How long will it take for you to learn that the ones
who talk more less have to say
I don't want to form opinions i can't stand trying to
find confort in songs or in people
Everyone can be blind everything is so fast that
sometimes i'd rather not update
I'm just one more in the land of all maybe hiding is
better than apearing
I imagine myself where i am with the dark days tell me
how to break a smile
Give me a reason take with you what you wanna see
thinking of you isn't bad
You're the only one that needs to be understood
You have a promise and an empty lie enough of
Let's talk about something we don't care

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