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Lost Worlds

Sorry Figure

Senseless to light the flame of a human being
Searching things to do in this empty room
And the only thing that cheers me up are your drawings in my notebook
I need your sorrow for all the days of tomorrow
I didn't want to say that but i will try again
Having to accept and think things are funny even if they are not even a bit amusing
And again these smiles do not attract me, looking for words to explain my insecurities
The days passing by without nothing new, without one victory
I'll try to forget how you went away and think in summer that you will not come
But this will carry me further than a conversation about lost words
In my past there are so many of your things and nothing that i can see
On the time we left behind is my sense; chains that never break
Ideas that are not lost, begin to hurt myself to be nearer to whom i like
It's called ideal, what you say about me would it be what i think about myself?
Would i find the answer to not be alone?

Cortesia:Treta@hotmail.com...Belorizonte Hard Core = BHC

Compositor: Marcus,ringo E Carlos

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