Sons Of The Pioneers

"Outlaw! Oo-oo Outlaw!" Oo-oo

Lobo, lobo, outlaw of your tribe,
Fear not this outlaw, lobo, turn not from my side.
I know you're lonesome, come show me where you hide.
Just two lonesome outlaws, lobo, wandering far and wide.

Lobo, lobo, what crime did you do?
Are you really outlaw, lobo, are the stories true?
They call you "devil," a clever devil, too.
Then wait for this outlaw, lobo, and I'll follow you.

Oo-oo, lobo, Oo-oo, lobo!
Where can we go and never hear,
"Outlaw! Outlaw!"

Lobo, lobo, go you silently
Off to the foothills in the shadow of each tree.
You know there's danger, the danger I can't see,
But you're not the outlaw, lobo, this time they want me.

Oo-oo, lobo, Oo-oo, lobo.
Run! Run! Run, lobo, and hide.
Go hide, don't wait for me.

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