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The Jinx Blues, No. 2

Son House

King of the Delta Blues (Remastered)

Mm, now, baby, I sure won't be a burden.

Well, I got up this mornin' with the jinx all 'round, jinx all 'round, 'round my bed
I said I woke up this mornin' with the, with the jinx all round my bed
You know I thought about you now, baby, and it would like to kill me dead

You know, I woke up this mornin' just at the break, just at the break, break of day
I said, soon this mornin', I said just about the break of day
You know I was huggin' the pillow where my good gal used to lay

You know, ain't it terrible layin' down, layin' down, by yourself
Now, ain't terrible, I said, layin' down by yourself
Now, said the blues got you, whoo, and your woman got somebody else

You know, the sun's goin' down behind the western, behind the western, western hill
I said, hey, the sun is goin' down, I said, behind that old western hill
You know, I don't practice nothing, not against my baby's will

It looked like you wanted me, while I was lovin', while I was lovin' and, lovin' and kind
I said, it looked like you wanted me, I said, while I was lovin' and kind
But someday you gonna want me, whoo, baby, and I'll be done changed my mind

You know I went in my room, sat down, sat down, and I cried
I said I went in my room, I sat down, and then I cried
Well, I didn't have no blues, I just wasn't satisfied

Mm, minutes seem like hours, hours seem, hours seem like, seem like days
I said the minutes seem like hours, and the hours, they seem like days
Well, it seems like my baby oughta stop her lowdown ways

Mm, I believe I'll go to the Gypsy, have my fortune, have my fortune, fortune told
I believe I'll go to the Gypsy, I said I'm gonna have my fortune told
You know, I kinda believe somebody is tryin' to steal my jelly roll

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