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Sun Goin' Down

Son House

Well, you know the sun is goin' down, I say, behind that old western hill
I say, behind that old western hill
You know, I couldn't do a thing, not against my baby's will
Man, you know that's bad, I declare that's too black bad
I declare that's too black bad
You know, my woman done quit me, oh man, looks like the whole round world is glad
You know, she stopped writin', wouldn't even send me no kind-a word
I said, she wouldn't send me no kind-a word
She turned her little old back on me 'bout some old low-down thing she heard
Well, I'm goin' away, baby, I'm gonna stay a very long time
I say, I'm gonna stay a great long time
You know, I'm comin' back not un-, whooh, baby, until you change your mind
I wake up every mornin' feelin' sick and bad
I said, soon every mornin' I lie's feelin' sick and bad
Thinkin' about the old time, baby, that I once have had
If I don't go crazy, I say, I'm gonna lose my mind
I believe I'm gonna lose my mind
'Cause I stay worried, whooh, baby, all the, well, all the time
Look-y here, baby, sit right here on my knee
I said, sit right down on my knee
Well, I just wanna tell you just how you been doin' me
What do you want poor me to do?
I say, whooh, what do you want me to do?
I been doin' all I can, honey, just tryin' to get along with you

Compositor: Eddie James "son" House, Jr

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