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My Black Mama Part 2

Son House

Well I solemnly swear : Lord I raise my right hand
That I'm going to get me a woman : you get you another man

I got a letter this morning : how do you reckon it read
Oh hurry hurry : gal you love is dead

I grabbed my suitcase : I took on up the road
I got there : she was laying on the cooling board

Well I walked up close : I looked down in her face
Good old gal : got to lay there till Judgment Day

Oh my woman's so black : she stays apart of this town
Can't nothing go : when the poor gal is around

Oh some people tell me : the worried blues ain't bad
It's the worst old feeling : that I ever had

Mmm I fold my arms : and I walked away
That's all right mama : your troubles will come some day

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