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Levee Camp Blues

Son House

King of the Delta Blues (Remastered)

Now! I believe i packed up all my clothes,......I feel i'm-a leave this town!
I done packed up all my clothes n'd heeeeeeeey... I'm gónna leave this town.
Wheeeeell... I'gonna be straight with you baby, i'going away for so very long.

Yes!!...But if you ever get lonesoe honney ,sit right down and you can write to me
Whoooohw if you ever get lonesome mmmmmm sit right down and write to me
You know i can read you're letter's baby, i don't care where in the world i'd be

You know..... It's so hard to love.... someohoooooooone that don't love you!
You know it's so haaaard to love someone that don't love youououou....
You know it don't look like it'be satisfaction and dont care what in the world would do.

Yes!!!..... I left the little girl ,sitting doooown at the backdoor cryin....
I left the little girl..... ooohw when she was sitting down by the backdoor cryin!
And if that little o'l girl don't go crazy.... i belie..iev she gonna lose her mind

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