Too Late

Solar Fake

As the rain pours in my head to drown out thoughts
And the stream will only stop when I think clear and pull you out
I don't dare to take one step, but I can run
And I know you can mean well, but in the end I don't need someone
To show me the way

I don't know if I should care or let it go
I've been running out of questions, 'cause the answers come too slow
And I've died a million times, all by myself
Now I'm done with wearing masks, just to impress somebody else

It's too late to ask me for one last favour
It's too late to keep all promises you've made
With you I don't move on, 'cause you've got me all wrong
So today I'll go and change my point of view

And you pushed your entire life to get along
To convince yourself and everybody else you can carry on
But you see there's nothing left that will remain
And you're sick and tired of searching for the words that could explain

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