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Reset To Default

Solar Fake

Another day, another way to forget the easiness of life
And it feels like I'm running away from the steps I take

It's still in my mind
When all the colours became a million shades of grey
No turning back to the past
no more memorizing your sorrow

With the darkness left behind
I just don't want to know what tomorrow brings
And the fear is blind a last goodbye to the earth

Yet another reset to default
And life is spinning around like a feather
And I'm turning away from the walls
Which obstructed the way before
And another time I burnt my shelter down
To feel your ice and your rain and your fire
Until I'm pure and bare and safe again
No one ever can turn me around

I am so tired, tired of pretending unspoiled harmony
And no one ever wasted a thought on asking me how I feel

It's just the time
To decide between countless ways that I could take
And even if there are doubts I will never complain or regret

And your words are left behind
I still don't want to know when tomorrow comes
And heaven's blind a last goodbye to the world

Letra enviada por Leandro Saueia

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