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Just Like This

Solar Fake

You're sick of feeling miserable
You're moving but you can't go
Your drink runs to overflow
Your mind with thoughts which never grow

You're sick, but still tranquilised
The fly at your window dies
Your life feels so improvised
'Cause nothing's changing for you at all

You're grateful because it seems they care
But eventually you could not bear
These useless attempts to repair
What can't be fixed, it's so unfair

And the issues they can't resolve
'Cause there's no reason to get (be) involved
Yet smiling, as if they hadn't sold you out for pride

But it is just like this!
'Cause you've missed to kiss the most relevant ass
And replace your true face with your best smile
'Cause it is just like this!
And what lives has to fight everyone to survive
In a life that applies to anyone but you

And nothing you ever did will really count in retrospect
Your answers: All incorrect
You're what they know as failure

Destruction in small amounts lays unnoticed in their accounts
You know you're no longer bound
You owe no more dues

But you can't replace it
And you keep it alive just in case, should
You feel the need to embrace
The ghosts inside your walls

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