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I Don't Fight Back

Solar Fake

I often wonder if there's just a little thing
That most of the good people could do right
And then I look into the foolish eyes of kings
And I think to myself, well, better luck next time

I forge ahead, I stay in bed
There's nothing I can do to make it all go away
You think you'll buy yourself into a greater wealth
Wow that's impressive, does it really work for you?

But I don't fight back, not anymore
I won't even take up the slack, like everybody else
Who just obeys, I need to get away
No promises I have to keep for anyone

Well I don't fight it back, not anymore
I'm always off the beaten track for everybody else
I don't betray, I need to get away
No words are left for me or anybody else

There is no second chance, you know there never was
You really thought no one could see what you have done
I fail to feel any empathy
Well, this is not one of my primary concerns

What does the winner get when everybody's lost
Not even knowing they were part of this stupid game
You just let go, nobody told you so
But this is always how it has to end

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