SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army)


SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army)

Strength To Survive

Even asleep, mentality's awake
Nobody realises how much we can take
Let's save the future of the world for our sake,
We cry forwards ever, backwards never
We were the students, but now we're the ones who teach
We were the children and your lies we did believe
But we ain't kids no more,
And we don't need your speech,
We go forwards ever, backwards never, and

Truth and right is yours to control now
There's no way, no how,
That we would ever do
What they have done under Jah sun

You're right, and we're forever wrong
Bp oil
Hydrogen bomb
Forwards never, backwards ever
The plane's in the air
Look down, the animals are scarce
Oil is water now, and water's everywhere
We cry: fuck your system, I'm not with em

Composição: Jacob Hemphill

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