SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army)

Losing My Mind

SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army)

Born In Babylon

there's no pictures on the wall
there's no rise and there's
no fall, and in the morning,
I'm all right, alone without you.
there's no phones and there's no calls
there's no talking to you at all
and I don't care,
late at night when it's not you

but when I look out in the rain
I think about the past
I want it again
I think about the way you feel
inside, I start losing my mind
I'm losing my mind

there's not formulates plans
there's no way and there's no chance
it's been too long-
and it's all back behind me
there's no going down that road
and I know right where it goes
if I keep walking away,
nothing reminds me

there's no fights and there's no tears
there's no need if you're not here
and I'm not tha same anyway, anymore
there's no need to write this song
'cause there's no changing what's been done,
and there's no changing what's inside
and it looks like it's gonna storm.

Composição: Jacob Hemphill

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