Decide You're Gone

SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army)

Born In Babylon

I used to think that
I would go this all alone
I used to think
I would do it by myself

But I,found another
One like me walking alone
I don't think she stands a
Chance with no one else
But anyway

I'll be here,and you'll be
there and well be by the phone (and you know)
I'll be sitting,watching you
Waiting for you to decide
You're gone

When I'm calling
If I'm calling someone else
It don't feel the same as
When I'm calling you
I mean it

And in a world I more
And more can't understand
It would be hard
To lose something that I do

So watch the days
Cuz they all turn
Into the night, and watch the sun
Cuz it turns into the moon
And in a world that wont
Stop turning us around
At least we know who
We can turn to

Is it too much
Is it too far
Is it too long
And now you're gone
And I'll be here
And you'll be there
And you'll decide that
You're gone

marco emanuel/rj

Compositor: Jacob Hemprill

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