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    Every time I pick up a pen,
    it?s all you
    And there beside me
    in my mirror, all I can see
    is us two, the pages
    turn so fast,
    and like all old pages do,
    the words, they bleed through

    Get back in my arms, they?re
    Just hanging by my side
    Losing hold of you has
    Left me dry
    Tell me where you run to
    Where do you hide?
    You know you never once
    Left my mind
    Tell yourself I?m sorry
    For the things that I?ve done
    Tell yourself you?ve never seen
    The barrel of that gun
    Tell yourself it?s over now
    And not to run
    And tell yourself I?m sorry
    For what I?ve done

    Listen while I?m talking,
    I don?t do it too much
    I can?t help feeling
    That came between us
    What ever happened to
    The way that it was?
    The one thing I can?t have
    Is what I want...
    Who decided it`s gonna
    End up this way?
    Who decided that you
    Could not stay?
    You want to be here by
    The end of my day,
    Cuz I can?t even listen
    To the words I say

    I swear you never really miss it till it`s half
    Gone and you tighten up your grip trying to
    Hold on didn?t really appreciate it when it`s
    In your arms and you can relate to every
    Word in your song like was I wrong? But
    I know I?m right but in hindsight, I
    Blame the limelight maybe I just needed
    Time to get my mind right maybe we?ll reconnect when
    The time`s right trying to think
    About the causes was I too bossy ? exactly
    What the cause is I was told to step in love
    With some caution cuz love and shit is no
    Difference in the darkness but love is where
    The heart is and you can see the blood as
    It?s dripping through the gauzes
    So I guess I fell out of love with her smile
    And more in love with applauses

    It?s quiet in my house,
    Your silence is my home,
    And everything reminds me
    That I am all alone
    It?s quite where you used to be,
    And now that you?re gone,
    It?s not a sound, not a word,
    But a dial tone
    It`s quiet when I?m drinking
    It`s quiet when I smoke,
    It`s... when I?m eating, oh
    And I sleep all alone
    It`s quiet now, it was louder
    Then, I stand still like a stone
    Only from my dreams you want go

    How did I get in this predicament
    Was I influenced by the benefits
    Cuz I was hitting on so many chicks,
    Loving you and having you was the only sentiment
    But I guess I wasn?t ready for you
    Cuz I?m rubbing your feet, cooking spaghetti for you
    Taking you to parks, winning teddies for you
    But in my heart I?m thinking
    There?s someone better for you
    But my heart`s like
    ?no, not this again cut it out Black,
    You know how This?ll end.?
    And I swear that I really was listening
    But my __ was yelling
    And my heart was just whispering
    So you know who I listened to
    Now my heart`s bitching
    Cuz he?s missing you
    Got my eyes staring at some old flicks of you
    And my nose swear that he still smells the scent of you
    And my soul?s saying ?damn, she was meant for you.?

    Why won?t come back
    I?m losing part of myself
    I?ve been wondering, watching,
    Waiting so long
    I?ve been talking I been listening
    I?ve been writing my songs
    I?ve been hoping you?ve been
    Hearing on this radio now,
    That I?m not with you
    But I miss you

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