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Royal Screw Up

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color theory

I am a liar
And my truths are shackled in
My tension of fire
I'm the princess of screwin' up

And you wear your armour
And you save pretty girls like me
But I'm not so pretty
When I am naked
You are a mirror
Say I'm the fairest of all

I am fake it 'till you make it in a can
And you have a calmness
That I could never understand

But you let me in it
You will regret it
Cuz' I'm only looking
For my skewed reflection in

You've fallen out of what I thought was love
Cuz' you are a question
That I thought I could solve
But you don't need solving
You're just not what I want

And I want an answer
To all my problems
There's not an answer
I am the problem for me now and always
I will break my own bones

Till my legs stop walking
And my bed is my throne
My room is a kingdom
For the princess of screwin' up
And I'll be the dragon

I'll hold me captive
My world is sinking
I am the captain of it all
Of it all
Of it all
Of it all

Compositor: Sophie Allison

Letra enviada por j-rod ∞

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