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Night Swimming

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color theory

I want someone who's following a dream
To want like me
Feels the air inside their body running free
I want the breeze

While the moon is in the water
And I'm dancing with the current in my clothes
On the beach
You stay with the earth
Cuz' you don't understand that I would wanna freeze
The irony

Learn to dance, and I was swaying all alone
Stiff as stone
Lock your heart up in a place I'll never know
The distance grows

Try to break your walls
But all I end up breaking is your bones
Bruises show
Standing in the living room
Talking at you staring at your phone
It's a cold I've known

You watched me sink beneath the water like a stone
Again let go
A came for air and found that I was so alone
I should've known

I swim back to the shoreline
And found that all you left me was a note
I read it slow
It said that you would love me
But you knew that you would end up on your own
A sinking stone
A sinking stone
A sinking stone
A sinking stone
A sinking stone

A sinking stone

Compositor: Sophie Allison

Letra enviada por j-rod ∞

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